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Gene Soto
Meet the Chef! Co-owner and Chef, Gene Soto, is the mastermind behind the dishes and plates presented at all of our events. With a love for the farm-to-table movement, he thrives on intentionality and cooks with locally and organically sourced foods whenever possible. ⁠⠀
Gene has owned several restaurants but credits much of his success to the mentors he met while working at the Salishan Lodge on the Oregon Coast.⁠⠀
Thank you, Gene, for continuing to bring passion, value, and most importantly–amazing and sustainably sourced food to our plates and bellies!⁠
Sanda Costello
Meet Sanda! She’s our co-owner, founder, and business manager. Sanda landed in the catering arena by accident, but also by divine intervention. She moved to Bend from Romania as a young adult and hasn’t looked back.⁠⠀
Sanda met her husband shortly after moving to Bend, and they welcomed a son into their family not long thereafter. She has always found a place in the hospitality industry, but when she was approached with the opportunity to cater a wedding for a friend, she jumped right in.⁠⠀
Sanda turns “why’s” into “why-not’s” and sees possibility when others may see roadblocks. She’s hands-on with everything within the Bowtie company and gives back to her community at every chance that presents itself. Sanda is more than just our co-owner, she’s the motivation behind much of what we do. She sets the tone of our inclusive and life-loving culture that you’ll see at every event we cater!⁠

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