artichoke and spinach $4
baby spinach, artichoke hearts, cream cheese, habanero salsa and parmesan served hot with fresh tortilla chips

hummus and roasted red pepper-feta $3
light citrus brightened chickpea hummus and Greek style red pepper feta dip served with seasoned pita crisps

tomato salsa and avocado-tomatillo salsa $2.5
two authentic salsas served in lava rock bowls accompanied with fresh tortilla chips

bacon and beer cheese dip $4.5
pale ale, chopped bacon, caramelized onion, aged cheddar cream and grain mustard served with sliced pretzel bread


serves 12-15 people

chef’s selection of domestic and international cheeses $55
artisan market organic cheese, fresh berries, toasted walnuts and crackers

mezze platter $40
edamame hummus and red pepper-feta dip, lavash crackers, naan bread and vegetables

grilled baby back ribs (chef attended) $75
carved citrus-rosemary braised pork ribs, togarashi seasoned and ponzu sauce

cold poached shrimp bar $50
with classic cocktail sauce and lemon

charcuterie platter $65
savory cuts of dry meats served with ale mustard, chef’s choice nw pate, roasted and pickled vegetables, domestic, organic cheeses, crackers

smoked salmon $65
with capers, dill creme fraiche, red onions, tomato, cucumbers and crostini


$3 per 2 pc/guest

cucumber and feta roulade(gf)
greek yogurt whipped with feta, rolled in cucumber ribbon and topped with dried tomato pesto

burrata salad cups (gf)
fresh burrata cheese, split teardrop tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar syrup

greek salad cups
cucumber, kalamata olives, grape tomato, red pepper, feta and orzo pasta

thai salad rolls (df) (gf)
fresh salad rolls of rice noodles, basil, mint, carrots and red pepper with sweet chili dipping sauce

watermelon and chevre canapé   (gf)
fresh watermelon rounds topped with whipped chèvre cheese and mint sprouts

polenta and tomato-feta relish(df)
crisp polenta crouton topped with relish of tomato, olive and feta cheese

bite-size caprese skewers (gf)
fresh mozzarella and sweet grape tomato wrapped in basil leaf with balsamic vinegar syrup

artichoke and parmesan toast
artichoke and jalapeño dip baked on crisp parmesan toast

fresh onion stuffed mushrooms         
caramelized onion and whisky gravy baked in mushroom caps with baked gruyere

brie and roasted tomato tartlets
creamy brie, oven dried grape tomato and pesto baked in flaky phyllo shells

stuffed endives (gf)
caramelized fig, blue cheese and roasted walnuts


$3 per 2 pc/guest

antipasto skewers
salami, baby mozzarella, cherry tomato, kalamata olive and marinated cheese tortellini

BLT salad rolls
carlton farms chopped bacon, split sweet grape tomatoes and red lettuce with avocado-basil dip

walking pork tacos
lime-cilantro marinated pork with cuban black bean puree and jicama-pineapple salsa in mini crisp tortilla shell

open faced croque monsieur
on toasted brioche with ham and melted gruyere

pigs in a blanket
beer sausage wrapped in pastry puff with ale-stoneground mustard


$3 per 2 pc/guest

moroccan chicken brochettes (gf)
herb-citrus marinated chicken skewers, flame grilled and served with cucumber-yogurt sauce

buffalo chicken meatballs
ground chicken and pork meatballs with hot sauce and crumbled blue cheese

thai chicken skewers (gf)
with peanut-chili sauce

buffalo chicken salad cups (gf)
smoked chicken, buffalo hot sauce, crumbled blue cheese and threaded carrot served in a lettuce cup


$3 per 2 pc/guest

seafood margarita shooter (gf) (df)
northwest bay shrimp and crab meat tossed with avocado, lime juice and tomatoes

ahi poke tostada (df)
soy and ginger tossed tuna served on crisp wonton with avocado fresh salsa

chinese shrimp toast
ginger-shrimp mouse baked on finger toast with sweet chili sauce

smoked trout
hot smoked trout and boursin cheese whipped yellow potatoes atop whole wheat finger toast

bacon and shrimp skewers (df) (gf)
peppered bacon wrapped shrimp

smoked salmon mousse
brioche toast with capers, red onion and dill

crab cakes
sweet northwest crab meat cakes served with lemon aioli

shrimp and grits bites
cheesy grits, cajun shrimp

smoked salmon cones
crispy wontons filled with creamed salmon



$3 per 2 pc/guest

grilled beef bites (gf)
grilled flat iron steak, creamy horseradish and gremolata

kraut kruga
prime cut beef and cabbage savory turnovers with creamy horseradish dipping sauce

pub burger slider
hand formed chuck patty, parker house roll, burger sauce and pickle

beef and onions with salsa verde

mini beef wellington
beef tenderloin bites, wrapped in pastry dough served with creamy horseradish

turkish meatball(df)
mediterranean style lamb and beef meatball served with fire roasted pepper sauce